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Name: Mark Emerson

I love you very much Mitch and hope your having as much fun up their as I am down here right now. Anyway, I just want you to know I still care. Take care with lots of love. Bye.

Steph: It's been so long since we've shared any time together. I've had to rely on memories to make me smile the way you used to. I can hardly remember the last time we had a good long talk. Every time I think about calling you, something comes up. Every time I think I'm finally going to have a few minutes to try to get in touch, something falls through. You know how it is.. Our lives are so full. Still , I want you to know that I think of you often. And when I realize how much time has passed, I'm totally surprised. That's why I wanted to let you know that I miss you and hope your life is going well. Someday soon, lets get caught up. Till then, your in my thoughts, making me smile as usual.

Name: Moira Ernst

Mitch was a great friend of mine. I remember when we were young we would all sing "Hey Mickey" to him. "Oh Mickey, your so fine" he would laugh. Mickey was
Always so much fun. He always made me laugh. God, how I miss him. He will always be with me in spirit and I know he's up there watching us smiling and writing songs, just like he wanted. We love you Mickey. 

Name: Pauline Emerson

I remember the little blonde haired waif from next door, with the big blue eyes and sad little face, and miss him with all my heart. He grew on me over the years and I came to love him like one of my own kids. I hollered at him when he got on my nerves, but I also loved him too. I guess if I didn't love him I wouldn't have hollered at him. I remember so many things about him. Going to see Santa at Santa's Village, sharing our Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, Watching Wrestling specials and so many other things. I miss Mick so much. My life is so changed and my heart aches without him . Love you Mickey, and may you have found peace finally.