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Here is where the Family can put their feelings down. If you want to add to this space please email or send it to me so I can add it.
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Stephanie Beavers
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Name: John Beavers (uncle)

I remember Mick as this inquisitive young boy, wandering along side the stream in the Pocono's looking for anything that would attract his attention; a tadpole, a salamander, a frog. I remember calling out to Mick , "Hey Mick how you doing?" He was a young boy doing what young boys do. I didn't think anything about the fact that Mick was doing his own thing while everyone else was engaged in conversation or doing other things in groups. I look at this today and ask myself if this should have been a clue to events to come. What I do know is that I didn't know Mick well, And I do know that I miss Mick.


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