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I'll never get over it ….

I will never get over it, I will only learn how to live with it…

I started looking for ways to deal with this void. I started attending any support group I could find. I started with Compassionate Friends. A place where you could go if you lost a child through death.

The Safe place, if you lost a child to suicide and then SOS, Survivors of Suicide.
I've met another mother whose son also died. Chris was only 15. Both boys that both mothers never wanted this to happen to. This doesn't happen to us, this happens to other people. Well guess what it can happen to anyone! The two of us have become friends. We have something in common. We both try to hold each other up.

Mick was eager to enter this world at 7 months, but the doctors said no. He was born on time 9 months, just 1 week away from his cousin Bobby's birthday and born on his Grandparent's Anniversary.  Mick chose to leave this world. Maybe if he was born when he wanted to be, things might have been different. But all the maybes in the world will never answer WHY!   

Mick's story needs to be told so that his death is not just another statistic.

Suicide Statistics…

Suicide is the  8th leading cause of death and the 3rd leading cause of death for youth (ages 15-24) in the nation.   
Every year 30,000 Americans take their own lives and we still don't talk about it.
Every 2 minutes someone in America attempts suicide; every 14 minutes someone succeeds.
Suicide can be prevented! People suffering from depression usually respond to positive treatment.
Just in Connecticut their have been 23 suicides from November 2000 to September 2001. 
We need to promote public awareness that suicide is a public health problem and many suicides are preventable.  The public needs to be aware of resources in the community for suicide prevention programs.