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Florida: 8/25/01
Mick, thanks for the shell. I'm sorry that I let everyone know, but I was excited knowing that you heard me. God always said ask and you shall receive. I asked you to find me a shell that snails live in, I was only expecting a small one and when I turned and looked their was this huge shell

Your 17th Birthday (9/10/01):
On your Birthday a whole bunch of us got together to let Balloons go at the cemetery. We bought a total of 21 Balloons, but only 17 were let go. 1 or 2 broke in the car (I know it was you). 1 broke in the mausoleum and Sarah lost one inside the
mausoleum. This meant you were around and only wanted 17 to go up.

Your 18th Birthday (9/10/02):
We did the same thing but you didn't mind how many Balloons were let go. We just went to Chinese dinner with Pappa, Cookie, Amy, Chris, Sarah and myself. Next year we will do something different.  - Mom

8/7/02--1 year Memorial:
One year today you left our lives. It's too hard to believe that you've been gone from us. I miss you terribly. We had a
memorial service on Sunday the 4th. It went ok. I read some of the things I wrote in my journal. Their was about 15 or so; Rita, Danny, Darcie, Jess, PJ, PJ's girlfriend, Ron, Sherri, Mark, Becky, Amy, Christina, Chris Rafferty, Bud, Tony, Pappa. Maggie showed up later. We let Balloons go and we took a lot of
pictures by the Angel Statue. They had the dedication today and Pappa put a picture of you on it. I played your tape that you made on 6/24/01. On Monday your picture was on channel 5 news about the statue, and Tuesday in the paper they mentioned your name with the statue. So you weren't forgotten. Guess you were with us all the time! Lynn and Amanda dropped off flowers and Jess stopped by .--Mom

Camping 8/12/02:
Well we went camping and you were with us. We found your
wallet! It was in the tent you slept in when we went camping last July. No money but your ID and other important items. Whenever I think your not around you show up in style! - Mom

Mitch, I was in History class and we were making necklaces out of beads. There were no beads with letters on them what-so-ever but all of a sudden, I saw a bead with the letter "M" on it and I thought that it was a little weird at first. I didn't see any other beads with letters on them until it was time to change classes then I saw the letter "B"! I figured you were trying to say Hi, so I put the letters on my necklace.--Love Tiffany