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Chris was driving Alison's car with Jessie and Darcie down by Stop and Shop and you came out of nowhere. Chris said you had some facial hair and you started in on him and he started chasing you. Darcie and Jessie were looking at Chris really weird and asked what he was doing. Chris said to them, "can't you see Mick"? And they said no. Chris  asked Mick if he could see them and he said no. Then you put your arm around Chris's shoulder and you told him that you loved him. Mick, I'm glad that you did this because you didn't get a chance to say goodbye, Chris says he never remembers his dreams thanks for allowing him this time. Mom.

MOMS DREAM: 12/28/01

I had a very small dream. You came on Xmas Day--Said look at all these presents and we all said "No Duh" Mick, then we realized you showed up and we said" MICK"! Then the cat woke me up!


Sarah was in your room (which is hers now) and it looks like it does now, when the phone rang, it was you. Sarah said whose this and you said "it's me Mick" and Sarah said "your dead"! You said no I'm not, I'm at work tell mom that "I Love Her"! I have to go back to work my boss is waiting for me.


Bud said he was working around the house and just as he closed the door, you popped up behind him and all you were doing was laughing! When Bud asked you "What was so funny", you continued to laugh and then Bud started laughing along with you. So what was so funny! You obviously scared the heck out of him because he worked up a sweat, then got up looked around the house like he was looking for you. It took him about 10 minutes to calm down. I told bud that was just like you always doing nutty things.


I had a dream I was in this room and their was a ladder leading into a room and in the room there were shelves. I remember the room being red and blue and the ceiling being like a church. You wanted me to go into this room because their was a letter that you wanted me to read. When I told your mom about this she told me they re-did your room and it now has a ceiling like a church and they put the drawers in the walls (like the shelves). I had no idea that your mom was planning on doing anything like this to your room. I also had another dream; I was walking home and you were hanging out in Winsted, and when I saw you we started talking about old times and old songs and you started rapping and we both rapped all night. You always said you had rimes in your head.  Then I woke up.