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I was walking in the woods and a part of the path seemed to end, so I kept walking to the end. I guess just to see where it went. It brought me to a meadow full of flowers. I walked to the end of the path where there was a big old tree. Under the tree was a chair, so I sat in the chair where I started to cry and felt a hand on my back. I turned around and it was Mitch, he looked into my eyes and asked me what was I doing their? It was so real we sat and talked about things and about the tests I was waiting to get back about birth
defects. I woke up mad because I didn't want to wake up it was all so real. When I sat up, I started crying my eyes out! I miss him so much .


I can't remember to much of it, but it was Tiff, Me and Mitch. We were all just sitting around the table talking and laughing. I wish I could remember what we were saying, but I can't. It was really nice. It felt like old times when he was always at the house, and last night it was really weird, I closed my eyes and all of the
sudden I see his face and he is smiling. I Loved It! It was so cool. I couldn't get it out of my head. All of a sudden I've been dreaming about him. It's weird, but I like it.

MOM'S DREAM: 10-22-01

I have to tell you about my dream. It happened Saturday
Morning. We bought a really old house (not like ours now). But this house we bought is old and a real mess, holes in the walls and floors. Both you and Sarah are in a room that you have to share and Sarah said to you that if we can't get the other two rooms fixed up soon and get rid of the ghost that both of us will have to split up this room. Well you looked at your half of the room and the part of it looked like a hallway with a staircase
going up and you turned and looked at Sarah and said
"YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME"! I was really excited about this dream and it brought to mind how you and Sarah will be sharing a room because she has decided to move in your room after we get done
Remodeling it.