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There are no words to describe the pain since Mitch (Mick) died. Because my heart is no longer apart of me. It's sitting on the outside waiting for the day it can return.

In reality, I know that Mick will not come back, no matter how much I want him too. But I feel that I need to let everyone know who Mick was and by writing this website it will help his family and friends.

I hope that everyone who reads this will understand that suicide is a tragedy, and should not be something blamed on anyone.

I hope that those who read Mick's story will come away with more knowledge regarding suicide so that they can help their friends, in doing so if we can open our hearts and minds we can search for a solution.

With the Lord and Mick guiding me, I will reach out to others who struggle to understand what went wrong so we can walk together on this rough road and bring the word suicide out of the closet and educate the public.

'"I pray you'll be our eyes, and watch us where we go, and help us to be wise, in times when we don't know".
(The Prayer: Celine Dion)